Children in Burbank and Glendale may receive a ticket from police if they’re caught doing a good deed.
However, rather than paying a fine, the ticket is actually a coupon for a free Slurpee — the sugar-charged slushy drink from 7-Eleven. Both the Burbank and Glendale police departments have partnered with the convenience store chain to pass out thousands of Slurpee tickets to children as part of the company’s Operation Chill program.
Throughout this summer, officers in both cities will hand out the tickets to children exhibiting good behavior or making good choices. Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green said in a statement this could mean wearing a helmet while riding a bike, picking up trash or participating in community events.
The program is meant to foster positive interactions between children and police, in addition to rewarding good behavior, according to Green.
Glendale Police Chief Robert Castro called the program a “wonderful opportunity.”
“We look forward …