June 16 (UPI) — An engineer in Northern Ireland helped rescue a cat caught between two walls by demolishing a portion of his own property.
Cromlyn House Veterinary Hospital and Clinic shared video taken by Campbell Baird who walked outside his home to find the cat trapped in the tight spot.
“Just spent the last hour knocking holes in my wall to get it out,” he said. “It had fallen down between the brick in the new house.”
After managing to free the cat from the wall, Baird feared the cat had broken it’s front legs as he served it a glass of milk and began to seek its owners.
Baird took the cat to Cromlyn House for treatment and it was eventually reunited with its owners.
“You’ll be pleased to hear this little one has been reunited with her owner … and what a kind builder!” Cromlyn House wrote on Facebook. “Well done!”
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