“Pavarti is a first time mom and while she showed early signs of having maternal instincts, she started spending less time with her cubs and could not be observed nursing or mothering them,” said the zoo staff in a statement. 
The cubs spent their first few weeks in the intensive care unit at the zoo being taken care of by the zoo’s wildlife care staff. 
On May 18, three snow leopard cubs were born to mother, Ena, and father, Kota, as part of the zoo’s snow leopard conservation breeding program.
On April 30, before the zoo workers went on strike, five cheetah cubs were born to parents Laini and Patonga, bringing the total of cheetahs born at the zoo up to 53. 
“Laini is doing a superb job of caring for her large litter – which is also her first,” the zoo said. 
The Toronto Zoo is participating in a clouded leopard, snow leopard and cheetah …