Forest has rules. Unsaid yet well known. You dare to break the rules of the forest, you pay for it.
The Founder and CEO of Turtle Shell Technologies, a startup based out of Bengaluru — Mudit Dandwate — chose to enter a restricted area of Bengaluru’s Thattekere Lake in Ramanagara district. The lake is at least 46 km from Bengaluru.
The IIT graduate, 26, was attacked by a crocodile when he tried to help his two dogs out of the lake. Dandwate, originally from Nagpur, was out on a trekking expedition, along with a friend and two pet dogs. 
Dandwate’s dogs, excited to see a water body, jumped into the lake. Mudit, worried about his dogs, jumped into the lake to help them out of the water but failed to notice the signboard that warned of the presence of crocodiles in the lake. 
As he was helping his dogs out, a crocodile attacked …