EDISON, N.J. — Controlling your brain from an iPhone sounds like science fiction, but it is a life-changing reality for one New Jersey man.
“They woke me up in the operating room and they tested it. Right there and then, she said put your hands up and the tremor stopped. It was amazing,” said Paul Detlefsen, 44, of Iselin.
Tremor is a key symptom of Parkinson’s disease. Detlefsen was diagnosed at age 36.
“I sat around the house thinking – is this gonna be my life?” he recalled. “I didn’t want to go out, thinking people were looking at me.”
Now, with the touch of a button in an iPhone app, he can make the tremors stop.
“These are the ones controlling his tremor,” Dr. Asif Bashir, a JFK Neuroscience Institute brain surgeon, pointed out the two electrodes permanently implanted at the forefront of Detlefsen’s head.
A wire runs beneath the skin, down the back of his …