On Saturday, thousands would have paid extortionate amounts to see Coldplay perform at Dublin’s Croke Park.
As per, Chris Martin and co. put on a cracking show.
However, since Saturday, a couple of social media posts have shown that the frontman has been hanging around the Irish capital.
One of the places he visited was the International Comedy Club where Jamie Harrington works on the bar.
Jamie told the singer how he’d paid 200 euros (£177.97) to watch the band perform, having gone through a tout himself.
The ticket should have cost 25 percent less, at 150 euros (£133.48), and when Chris found out about this, he handed him a 50 euro note to compensate the difference.
Jamie revealed that he’d approached Martin, explaining that he’d seen them live on Saturday.
Martin thanked him for paying his hard-earned cash to see them, when Jamie laughed and explained how much he’d been charged. At that point, Martin whipped …