Mark Orsillo, 34, who has Down Syndrome, had his entire movie collection—made up of over 300 DVDs—destroyed in a fire in Oroville, Calif. Thanks to his sister, Danielle Devine, strangers came together to make sure he wouldn't take long to rebuild it. Credit: Courtesy Danielle Devine

When a raging wildfire destroyed Mark Orsillo’s home and prized movie collection, strangers from around the country rallied together on Facebook to make sure that the 34-year-old man with Down Syndrome wouldn’t have to wait to begin rebuilding.
Orsillo and his parents only had about 20 minutes to evacuate their Oroville, California home as the fire approached on Saturday night. Danielle Devine, Orsillo’s sister, rushed to help her brother gather his belongings. Devine was able to fill two bags, but she knew she needed to rescue a portion of Orsillo’s collection of 300 movies. With time running out and no room to spare, she was only able to save about 20 DVDs. Her parents, Pastors Steve and Vicki Orsillo, saved what they were able to throw into their car.
When the family returned, they saw that the house they had lived in for 27 years—a house that Steve Orsillo built—was completely incinerated, and nothing was …