Hey, Taylor Swift, you have a lot to be proud of. Talent. Awards. Loving fans. Did you know you also helped a boy walk?
Luke Hogan Laurenson, 12, was born with cerebral palsy and although he’s been inspired by your songs for years, your “Shake It Off” got him up from his wheelchair and dancing to your beat.
Incredible, right? Don’t believe me. Ask the Ashland firefighters who saw it happen. Or just watch the video.
Doctors told Luke’s mom that walking for him was not possible, let along dancing. He shook it off.
Your song became his personal anthem. He first started swaying to it while sitting on the floor. Then he found the strength to bounce a little on his knees. In December, the brave boy born with dystonic quadriplegia cerebral palsy walked a few steps
And this year, he danced for the very first time all by himself.
Having the independence to do these things …