Hordes of teenagers displaying colors and flags from 157 countries cheered wildly in DAR Constitution Hall on Tuesday afternoon, exhausted and exhilarated from two days of robotics competitions. Somewhere on the packed auditorium floor, six teenagers from Burundi quietly slipped away amid the closing gala.
D.C. police said the 16 to 18 year olds from the small African country were long gone by the time their chaperone reported them missing early Wednesday and police later posted their photos on the Internet . By Thursday morning, police said Don Charu Ingabire, 16, and Audrey Mwamikazi, 17, were in Canada with friends or family and the other four were somewhere in the U.S., not yet with relatives but believed to be safe.
How and why the students or others orchestrated what appears to authorities a well-planned but very secret bid for possible asylum in Canada and the U.S. remains a mystery. Neither the students …