A video showing an Edmonton police officer dodging children armed with Nerf guns, Matrix-style, is making waves online.
On Thursday, Const. Brendan Fonteyne and his partner Const. Cameron Jones were doing a patrol in the area of 34 Street in the city’s southeast division when they came across some kids.
“My partner was lagging behind me. He was talking to some other people and I saw these kids playing with … I thought they were water guns at first,” said Fonteyne, who has been with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) for two years.
“They’re really good kids. I said, ‘It’s open season. If you guys can just light up my partner, that would be awesome. I’m sure he would love it, too.’”
Jones had no idea what was coming.
“As I walked by, there was a bunch of children on a truck holding Nerf guns. I said ‘Hi’ to them thinking none the wiser,” he …