An elderly Seattle man who lived a frugal lifestyle with holes in his clothes and coupons in his pockets has left behind a record-shattering $188 million in his will to three Washington institutions.
As many are now learning, 98-year-old Jack MacDonald was never poor but was in fact a secret millionaire.
“Jack went out of his way to look poor, partly because he didn’t want to be badgered by people who wanted money,” his stepdaughter Regen Dennis told the Seattle Times of the secret life-long philanthropist.
MacDonald’s astonishing donations following his death in September mark the largest philanthropic gift in Washington State this year, the Times reports. It’s also the sixth-largest in the country for 2013 so far.
Though he had no children of his own, 40% of his charitable trust will go to Seattle Children’s Research Institution — with about $3.75 million to be donated the first year.
Thirty …