The organiser of a white nationalist rally in Virginia was chased away from a news conference Sunday, a day after the event erupted in violence and left three people dead.
Video of the incident shows Mr Kessler running with a police officer from an angry mob that heckled him, including a man who accused him of being responsible for the death of a woman killed during the anti-racism protests Saturday.
Mr Kessler briefly made remarks before he fled, criticising the people who were booing him.
“That hate that you hear around you, that is the anti-white hate,” Mr Kessler said at his outdoor news conference in downtown Charlottesville.
He posted a video on social media saying police and city officials were responsible for the violence at Saturday’s rally, and criticised them for how they handled Sunday’s news conference.
“I knew going in that I was putting my life in my hands, that’s probably the last …