Istanbul (AFP) – A charity has successfully transferred 13 animals to a new home in Jordan via Turkey from a neglected Syrian zoo, including a lioness who gave birth to a healthy cub just hours after arriving, it said Monday.
The Four Paws group last month moved the animals from the “Magic World” zoo and amusement park in Syria’s war-torn Aleppo province to an animal protection centre in northern Turkey.
The 13 creatures — five lions, two tigers, two Asian black bears, two hyenas and two dogs — were then safely transported by air to an animal sanctuary outside the Jordanian capital Amman, it said in a statement.
Shortly after arriving on Saturday, the pregnant lioness, named Dana, went into labour and gave birth to a healthy cub that was called Hajar.
“The condition of the lioness and her cub is good considering the circumstances,” said the charity’s veterinarian Amir Khalil.
An ultrasound carried out …