In a new video for ATTN:, former California governor and Republican Party member Arnold Schwarzenegger called out US President Donald Trump on his response in the wake of the Charlottesville violence that left one dead and 19 injured.
The actor-politician opens the clip by saying, “There are not two sides to bigotry. There are not two sides to hatred.” The video comes at a time when Trump, and by extension the Republican Party, have been severely criticised for their equivocal, blame-both-sides take on the incident.
Following this, he describes the Nazis as men who had supported a failed ideology and recalls his early years in Austria that was full of “broken men” who had come back from the war, and that these idols the neo-Nazis look up to “spent the rest of their lives living in shame. And right now, they are resting in hell.”
Schwarzenegger ends the video with a plea to …