A Sundre father and son staged a loon intervention last Saturday.
It all went down in the Nordegg area, where Don Gibson, his 12-year-old son Carter and wife Jennifer were camping near Shunda Lake.
Down at the dock, Gibson’s wife noticed a loon swimming toward them — which was uncharacteristic behavior for a loon.
“I didn’t think it was real,” Gibson told the Calgary Eyeopener, “because it was coming straight at us. They never swim near humans. I thought it was fake and someone was remote controlling it.”
It turned out the loon had become tangled in fishing line, and somehow managed to get a hook lodged in the back of its neck.
According to Gibson, loons normally keep their distance from humans, but this bird was different.
“We approached him nice and gently and patted his head,” Gibson said. “And that’s when I knew I had to take off my shoes and wade into the water. This bird was not going to try to get away.”
Instead, the loon …