Her boyfriend, Niall Thompson, thought shedding his own hair might be a special way to make her feel better, while also raising money for the Irish Cancer Society.
“I lost my hair to chemo. It’s pretty much all gone, so Niall is doing this to cheer me up about having less hair than my boyfriend, which, as you can probably guess, is pretty grim. I really appreciate that he’s doing it,” she told Independent.ie.
“It’s been really, really tough. Before I lost my hair, it was quite long and, I suppose, it was a big part of my identity.”
The Kildare native said she hadn’t the nerve to shave it off, so had to watch it fall out in clumps throughout the day.
“I have just been watching it come out in the shower and on my pillow and on my clothes,” Áine (23) said.
Niall (25) said he noticed how hard it was for …