Talk about a hero. Cole Geeo was hanging out in his safe, dry home when he saw on the news that Texas officials were clearly struggling with rescue efforts in the Houston flooding.
So what does he do? He hitches up his speedboat, packs up his monster truck, and drives into the chaos.
You can say that again!
The man’s name is Cole Geeo. And with his monster truck and speedboat he has rescued over 10 trapped victims, using Facebook to identify the locations of the trapped Houston residents.
“A woman in Parker County, about 35 miles west of Fort Worth, found herself stranded in her house until her neighbor Cole Geeo drove his 8-foot-tall truck to her home through the shallow but rising water…Geeo then brought Deborah Wright to safer ground.” NY Daily News
In terrible times such as these, heroes like this remind us that light can shine even in the darkest of …