He says the water started to accumulate quickly — in 10 or 15 minutes. 
His thoughts turned to his wife and three young children. Would they be OK? In the four days since the storm landed, the kitchen manager at Houston’s El Bolillo Bakery still hasn’t been able to get back to the trailer park where he lives with his family.
But Agundis has done more than worry. 
Instead, he’s baked. And baked. And baked.
He and two fellow employees at the Mexican bakery’s Wayside branch found themselves trapped in the store on Saturday. By the time his night shift was over, the roads outside were impassable. He learned that the freeway to his family’s trailer park was underwater.
That’s when Agundis’s children began calling his cellphone.
“My son’s calling me, saying, ‘Hey Daddy, where you at?'” Agundis recalls. “I’m worrying, worrying, worrying for my family.”
So Agundis and his colleagues decided they’d get busy with the …