KENDALL (CBSMiami) — It’s safe to say Sister Margaret Ann, Principal at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in Kendall, is heaven-sent.
This self-described “servant of God” became a chainsaw-wielding savior to the streets just after Irma blew through, when she saw the road was blocked and a car almost crashed into a wall.
“I figured we needed it to be safe,” Sister Margaret said. “So I came back to the school and started clearing out the rest so it was safe for the cars to pass through.”
Sister Margaret is no stranger to a chainsaw.
“I grew up in Texas and my dad always taught us do what you need to do to help other people out and always put others before yourself,” she said. “That’s what led to me becoming a sister anyway.”
An off-duty police officer captured video of her when he came upon her.
“The police officer said, ‘Sister you don’t need to …