The Amazon rainforest has been under threat for decades now—losing close to 20 percent in the past 40 years. Deforestation for the sake of so-called development in the Brazilian part of the Amazon has been rampant again since 2012, as a Yale article pointed out, with a sharp increase of 29 percent last year.
But finally, the region might be catching a much-needed break. Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment has promised to restore almost 30,000 hectares—or 73 million trees—of the rainforest by 2023 in an $8 million joint initiative with international agencies like the World Bank and Conservation International.
“The Amazon plays a critical role in global climate regulation as well as in the region’s environmental and economic prosperity, and is the larger biodiversity repository on the planet,” said Naoko Ishii, the CEO of the Global Environment Facility, one of the initiative partners, in a statement.
It’s true …