Equifax is not only in deep for a class-action lawsuit over a breach exposing 143 million U.S. citizen’s Social Security numbers and a subpoena in New York, it’s now being sued by the city of San Francisco.
S.F. City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed the lawsuit against the credit reporting agency in San Francisco Superior Court for “failing to protect the personal data of more than 15 million Californians,” according to a statement.
The lawsuit further accuses Equifax of violating California state law, failure to provide a timely notice of the data breach to affected Californians and failure to provide complete, plain and clear information.
“Equifax’s incompetence would be comical if the subject matter weren’t so serious,” Herrera said in the statement. “This company fell asleep at the switch and upended the lives of millions of people. The information that Equifax failed to safeguard is what people need to …