Norman and Betheen Becklund first cemented their status as a couple six decades ago when she started wearing his Santa Ana High School class ring on a chain around her neck.
It was a common gesture for high school sweethearts in the 1950s.
The two grew up across the street from one another in Santa Ana. They were both 17 and seniors when Norman Becklund gave Betheen Sackman the 1957 class ring that had ‘SA Saints’ in gold atop a red stone.
She wore the ring, which cost her boyfriend $14.95, around her neck every day. Until one day, she’s not exactly sure when, that she lost it.
“I can’t bring up the memory, but all I just know is that suddenly it was gone,” said Betheen Becklund, now 77 and living with her husband of almost 60 years in Bellingham, Washington.
They had all but forgotten the lost ring when Betheen got a call earlier …