Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, saying she knows the “horror” of gun violence all too well, implored lawmakers on Monday to take action after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.
“The nation’s counting on you,” Giffords said, holding up her fist to Capitol Hill behind her. She narrowly survived an assassination attempt in Tucson, Arizona, that killed and wounded multiple constituents. 
Her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, urged Congress to create a committee to investigate gun violence as a public health crisis and roll out policies to prevent civilians from procuring military-grade weapons and “keep guns out of the wrong hands.”
“Without action, we are asking one person to be the next person to die because of our weakness to address evil,” Kelly said. “How many times can we say that over and over again: ‘Now’s not the time.’ Well, today is the time.”
He also took …