Uber driver Todd Jones leans up against his car, and temporary home, parked behind an office building in Irvine. Jones was on his way to pick up a client when his old Honda caught fire. While waiting to sort things out with Uber and replace his car so he can work again, he’s been getting help from business owner Lis Donaldson, who owns ACM Inc., a medical billing company. Instead of calling police to have his car towed away, she and other business owners have let Jones sleep in his car and bring him food and water. in Irvine, CA on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. (Photo by Sam Gangwer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

It sounds crazy, but Todd Jones lucked out the Sunday afternoon his car caught fire on Bake Parkway.
If it hadn’t broken down right at that spot, about a mile from the 405 freeway in Irvine, he would have lost not only his means of transportation, but his livelihood and the only place he has to sleep. Jones is homeless but drives for Uber and Lyft.
If he didn’t get his disabled car moved, it would be impounded. Lucky for him that a police officer suggested having it towed to a business park across the street and not the one nearest to where his car died.
Lucky again that there was someone — small business owners in the complex at Bake and Rockfield Boulevard — to watch over Jones.
“They would have towed him out of there in an hour,” Elisabeth “Lis” Donaldson said of the alternative. She runs a medical billing firm where …