Josh Gad never expected his role in the Disney hit “Frozen” to change his life — or the lives of seriously ill children.
Gad said voicing Olaf in the blockbuster allowed him to fulfill the wishes of many sick children.
Since the film’s 2013 release, the father of two said he’s made many phone calls to seriously ill children wishing to speak with joyful snowman Olaf, a character who parties with ice queen Elsa.
“I actually get choked up thinking about some of the kids that I’ve left messages for because it’s so … it’s so fleeting,” Gad told BuzzFeed News. “It’s such a little thing that I do that goes such a long way for these children. But you take their mind off of it for a minute, for a day.”
He hopes entertaining sick children also helps provide their parents some much-needed respite.
“Hopefully you give their parents a distraction,” Gad added. “As …