it sounds like a joke, be that as it may, well — continue perusing.
In December 2015, 64-year-old Daniel Rushing had quite recently dropped off a companion at chemotherapy and was driving home a more seasoned lady from his congregation who worked at the 7-Eleven and would some way or another walk the 2 miles home.
As Rushing headed out from the comfort store, police pulled him over. The officer said he had been driving 42 miles a hour in a 30 zone and had neglected to reach a total stop before entering the roadway. When Rushing gave over his driver’s permit, Officer Shelby Riggs-Hopkins saw his disguised weapons allow. Surging affirmed he had a gun, and she solicited him to venture out from the auto for her security.
The officer at that point inquired as to whether police could look through his auto, and Rushing said beyond any doubt — in the …