Jennifer Ancelin remembers having the conversation with her two young daughters following the birth of their baby brother.
She told them the bustling bundle of joy was born with Down syndrome, explained what the condition meant, and prepared for their questions.
“Both asked, ‘Is he going to have any friends?’ Ancelin recalled Audrey, 8, and Ava, 4, asking simultaneously.
Arik, now 15, has never had to worry about having friends, especially with supportive parents making sure his life is as normal as possible, and two sisters who adore him.
He’s in the eighth grade at the LaVilla School of the Arts in Jacksonville, studying dance, following in the talented steps of his two sisters. Audrey, now attending college in Jacksonville, is a former professional dancer with the Charleston Ballet.
Arik is particularly close to Ava. He liked to sit in the front row for her high-school dance performances. Ava, now a sophomore psychology major at Florida …