Off the coast of Catolonia, an intriguing experiment in the circular economy is taking place. Dozens of fishing vessels are heading out to sea and bringing back tonnes of plastic waste alongside their usual haul.
The plastic is then used as the raw material to make recycled designer sunglasses for Barcelona-based company, Sea2See.
Thanks to agreements with 22 Catalonian port authorities, the company helps fishermen across the region bring in around a tonne of plastic waste every three days.
About 10 kilograms of waste are collected for each pair of glasses it sells. Sea2See separates what it can use for the glasses and the rest is sold off to other companies for use in different processes like manufacturing nylon thread. 
More than 90 per cent of the material the fishermen collect can be recycled, though items such as metallic ship ropes prove difficult, the company’s founder Francois Van den Abeele says. Usable plastic is …