Good news, cheapskates: The Thanksgiving meal just hit its cheapest price in five years. That means you don’t have to put an itemized receipt on the table along with the pumpkin pie with a polite, but firm, “No rush!” to your guests.

As reported by CNBC, the American Farm Bureau Federation has sussed out the price tag of the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey and all the fixings for a gathering of 10. The cost is down 1.5% from last year, clocking in at an average of $49.12. Divide that by 10 (plus tax and tip) and it’s a mere $4 per person, which is less than a Chalupa Supreme combo meal at Taco Bell.

The reason for the declining cost is the falling price of turkeys, the report says. Consumers may save on the turkey, but pay more for pumpkin pie mix (up by 2.6%), whipped cream (4% increase), cranberries (up 1.7%), …