A veteran who offered a homeless man a cigarette discovered he was the long-lost brother he had last seen 28 years ago.
Roy Aspinall was leaving a Remembrance Sunday service in Wigan, Greater Manchester, when he saw the man.
The 36-year-old said “something in his features” made him curious, and he decided to ask more about him.
It quickly transpired the man was Billy White, 28, the brother Mr Aspinall had last seen as a baby in a pram.
‘In tears’
Mr Aspinall, who served in the Queens Lancashire Regiment, said he “filled up” with emotion when the significance of the chance encounter became clear.
“I rang my sister and said I’ve got this man here and he seems to have all the answers,” he said.
“I was in tears when we worked it out.”
Mr White said: “I just came to the church yard to sit down before finding somewhere to get my head down when …