It didn’t turn out that way.
As Ryan left the convenience store on September 23rd, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a couple sitting on the grass against a cement wall. It appeared the man and woman were shooting up heroin in broad daylight behind the convenience store.
“It’s not every day I see a sight like that and it just made me really sad,” he told CNN.
Crystal Champ, 35, looked slightly dazed and agitated in the body camera footage as you hear Ryan begin to scold her. She told the officer that she was almost 8 months pregnant and an addict.
“You’re going to kill your baby,” Ryan is heard saying on the bodycam footage. “Why do you have to be doing that stuff?” It’s going to ruin your baby.”
In the video, Champ is seen breaking down in tears after hearing this. She told CNN the officer’s words cut …