A supermarket chain is to start selling food that is up to a month beyond its ‘best-before’ date in an attempt to slash waste.
From today, shoppers at the Co-op’s 125 East of England stores will be able to buy a range of out of date products for just 10p.
It will include a large range of items including tinned goods, such as fruit and beans, dried food such as pasta and rice and packet goods including crisps, confectionery and cereal.
The scheme does not include any products with a ‘Use By’ date, including meat, fish and dairy.
It is the first time a major UK food retailer has begun selling food outside its best before date and it is thought others might follow.
It is also hoped the scheme might help educate consumers as to the different definitions of the confusing food safety labels.
Food waste has become a major issue with the government estimating that …