The internet can be a trash pile of wrong information. Years-old, one-dimensional opinions posted on web forums, along with blog posts of insanity presented as advice, represent a mine field — to say nothing of the cerebral crater that is social media. Compounding the problem, this bad intel often surfaces during Google searches on life’s most important, stressful questions, the ones where wisdom really counts. Meanwhile, libraries, full of reliable information, are the ideal antidote. But, walking up to the information desk and asking, “Excuse me, I’m looking for your books on drugs, incest, and acne” is just not going to happen.
Enter places like the Fayetteville Free Library near Syracuse, New York, which received a measure of viral fame this week for taking the innovative step to bring uncomfortable topics out into the open with the below sign:
A reddit user posted a photo of the above sign, hanging in the …