A three-year-old boy from Wainwright, Alta. is exemplifying the true meaning of Christmas with his kind gesture towards a civic employee.
According to Fred Bourque’s mother, Stephanie Bourque, Fred gets excited to see the recycling truck roll by each week.
“The recycling truck comes faithfully, every Friday,” she told Global News on Friday. “And every Friday, my kids and all the kids that I watch, they all line up at the window and wave to him.”
Stephanie said the recycling man is always quick to wave back.
“A couple of weeks ago, Fred said, ‘I want to get him a present!’ I said, ‘Sure!’”
So Stephanie went shopping and picked up what she calls a very Canadian present: some chocolates and a Tim Hortons gift card.
In a video Stephanie posted to her Facebook account, Fred can be seen trudging through the snow, trying to get to the man before he moves to the next house.
“I …