Splash and burn! As the name suggests is a movement and that too a bold one!
For ages social problems around unregulated farming practices in the palm oil industry have prevailed. Resulting in a constant rise in deforestation, animal displacement as well as endangerment of species, especially the Orangutans.  Orangutan genocide has become a big problem in the region as well.
Art acts as the catalyst to resolve these long prevalent problems of transboundary pollution, deforestation and human as well as animal displacement through Grand murals and vibrant graffiti throughout the cities and vast natural landscapes of Sumatra.
The project is initiated by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, who throughout the last two years has been actively researching the issue, visiting and scouting locations and connecting with experts and specialists in the field. The campaign is working in collaboration with international NGOs including London Based SOS and OIC of the Indonesia Itself. 
International artists have been arriving secretively since February …