PORTLAND, Oregon — Aurora and Phoenix are snuggled in an isolette in the neonatal intensive care unit at Salem Hospital, wearing matching sleepers with pink hearts almost as big as theirs.
The Thompson Bailey twins, born on Dec. 2, more than four weeks premature, are oblivious to the camera and the spotlight.
They don’t know it yet, but they’ve just notched their first modeling gig.
The twins are among the first babies to wear customized preemie clothing designed and manufactured by inmates at Coffee Creek Correctional Institute, a women’s prison in Wilsonville.
A cute and comfy clothing line, made with input from local NICU nurses, has been developed through a unique partnership between Salem Health and Oregon Corrections Enterprises.
Preemie clothing can be difficult to find, and it isn’t functional for infants with wires and tubes attached to their fragile little bodies.
In the past, NICU staff browsed local retail stores, which have limited selections, and …