Rebecca Powley hopped on a bus for the first time in 25 years on Thursday. She ended the trip a hero.
The Orillia woman says she was forced to take action after she noticed something unusual about the driver on her Ontario Northland bus trip to Toronto on Highway 401 eastbound near Keele Street.
“We saw his arm was kind of drooped on the floor,” she told CBC Toronto on Friday. “He was passed out with his head on the wheel. For a second, I thought he was maybe dead.”
Other passengers began to panic. Confusion reigned for Laurie Gennings, who was sitting at the back of the bus.
“There was a bit of a commotion at the front and then someone turned around and yelled, ‘Can anyone drive a bus?'” he told CBC News on Thursday. “And at that point we all kind of panicked because the bus was still moving.”
That’s when Powley jumped in. 
“I went …