Two years ago, a tiny kitten was found along with a litter that was orphaned at just a few days old. They were brought to a veterinary clinic, and right away they saw something very special in this kitten.
Unlike her siblings, the black and white kitty was born with a cleft lip. They named her Piglet.
Piglet the Super Cat @cleftlipsupercat
Despite having a cleft lip, Piglet’s palate is 100% normal and she can breathe just fine. They started bottle feeding the kittens around the clock. The fur babies were very vulnerable due to being orphaned at such a young age.
After a lot of effort and many sleepless nights, they were nursed back to health. A vet tech who works at a special and emergency vet hospital, met Piglet when her eyes were still closed and her ears hadn’t stood up.
It was love at first sight.
Piglet …