Have yourself a very furry Christmas. At this family-run Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, for one glorious day per year, you can have your tree delivered by dog-pulled sled.
Lindsay Eshelman, whose parents, Gregg and Brenda Eshelman, founded Plow Farms in the early 1980s, told TODAY that Newfoundlands weren’t part of the original business plan.
But in 2001, the family got its first Newfoundland dog. Now they’ve got three of the “gentle giants,” as Eshelman calls them — Lillie Bell, Stella and Matilda — who are regulars at the farm, and big hits with visitors.
Last year, Plow Farms began hosting a now-annual gathering for dozens of Newfies (along, of course, with their people) in the weeks before Christmas. That’s when the dogs get hooked up to sleds that are custom-built to carry the trees.
Eshelman explains that only dogs who’ve been trained in “draft work” — meaning they aren’t new to pulling carts …