VANCOUVER, Wash. >> Sasha Thomas’ family has textured dots and stickers placed around the house to help identify various appliances, railings and other items.
His father placed them in their home so he can determine how to best help his clients at the Vancouver Veteran Affairs campus, where he works as a rehab outpatient specialist for the blind.
Thomas, 18, and his friend Carson Mowrer, 17, are both big fans of solving Rubik’s Cube, and had been talking for more than a year about ways to bring the puzzle to people with visual impairments. They decided to borrow some of the textured items from Thomas’ father and place them on a Rubik’s Cube.
“We wanted to share our hobby with people who couldn’t play before,” said Mowrer, a senior at Skyview High School.
The two bought a generic cube puzzle, since it was looser and would slide easier. They then placed different textured items …