CINCINNATI – Two Ohio women received kidney transplants from the same donor last month, WKRC reported.
Sarah Green-Moore and Renee Paige were the recipients of the two healthy kidneys. They do not know the name of the recipient, and won’t find out for another six months. Medical workers said the family of the donor needs time to grieve.
While they were on the transplant waiting list at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Green-Moore and Paige became friends. Green-Moore was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2012, while Paige was suffering from lupus, WKRC reported. Both had been in dialysis before finding out the hospital had a match.
Both women said they found matches in a relatively short time. Paige had been on the list for six months, while Green-Moore was added in September, WKRC reported.
“I was resigned to the fact that it might be three to five years,” Green-Moore said.
Hospital workers told the …