The Seymour Library located near East Avenue and Main Street right outside of Brockport has been struggling financially.
“It’s been happening for a while now,” Carl Gouveia the library director said. The library is staying afloat with deficit spending, pulling from endowments. But with capital improvements needed and operating costs, “we’ve dipped in heavily,” he said. 
When Clarkson Town Supervisor Jerry Underwood was running for office he was aware of the financial struggles at the Seymour Library and promised to do something about it. 
He pledged to donate his 2018 salary. 
In mid-January he wrote a check that came out to be about $18,000.
“I decided to donate my salary even though its a small amount,” Underwood said. “The nicest thing we have is the library.” It’s a place to be social and “they do a tremendous job,” he added. 
Unlike many other libraries, Seymour library is not owned by one single town. It serves three municipalities Clarkson, Sweden and Brockport. The library attempted to form a …