Hamilton police officers responding to a call Saturday about a man who stole a shovel ended up buying him one and giving it to him as a gift.
Police say they were called around 1:30 p.m. after a man, believing a shovel from a local establishment in the 140 Centennial Parkway North area was his, tried to take the shovel. He was stopped by an employee of the establishment. This in turn, started an altercation and police were called.
Officers discovered the man, 49, is developmentally delayed and hearing impaired. He had lost his own shovel earlier in the day and somehow ended up away from his home.
The man took the establishment’s shovel, cleared the sidewalk in the area and then began walking away with the shovel.
Police tried to communicate with the man, and a concerned passerby who knew sign language tried to assist. But tension by that time had escalated …