Holding hands to comfort loved ones does help reduce pain, US study shows

Holding the hand of a loved one to comfort them really does help reduce pain, a US study has shown.

Former Hummer factory to become an electric car factory under SF Motors

Oh the irony. AM General’s South Bend, Indiana assembly plant used to manufacture the epitome of gas-guzzling vehicles; the Hummer.

Sausages save the day after four-day hunt for dogs missing in Lake District |...

And thanks to the efforts of over 120 people, two drones and the smell of sizzling sausages, they are now home safe.

‘In all that chaos and hatred all I see is my wife looking after...

In the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge terror attack this year a woman in blue coat was photographed tenderly cradling the head of a man who had been struck by the car of terrorist Khalid Masood.

A massive and unprecedented coral bleaching event may finally be coming to an end

The process of coral bleaching is triggered by warm ocean water.

167 drivers pay it forward in drive-thru at southern Indiana McDonald’s

SCOTTSBURG, Ind. — A customer’s act of kindness in the drive-thru ended up sparking a chain reaction of goodwill at a southern Indiana McDonald’s.

7SkyForce HD finds missing 11-year-old boy on Hialeah rooftop

HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) - It appears that an 11-year-old boy who went missing, Tuesday, in Hialeah, was discovered on a rooftop.

Exeter academy skirt boys win right to wear shorts – BBC News

Boys who wore skirts to school in a protest have won the right to wear shorts to lessons from next year.

6 inmates get sentences shortened after helping save their guard’s life | Globalnews.ca

The sheriff in Polk County, Ga., has lessened the sentences of six inmates who stepped up and helped a prison guard after he had a medical emergency.