Teen with multiple disabilities unable to attend school named honorary graduate

A US girl diagnosed with a range of disabilities has been invited to join others on stage at a high school graduation ceremony despite never having attended classes.

Temporary shelter from the storm of homelessness in Oak Park | The Sacramento Bee

Six months ago, hardly anyone in rapidly gentrifying Oak Park paid much attention to Alfreda and Bobby.

Foster children beam after judge announces adoption

The joyous reaction of two children to the news of their successful adoption by their foster parents has touched the hearts of thousands after it was shared online.

Blind dog found wandering the streets saved from being put down by timely adoption

A blind husky found wandering the streets of San Bernardino County has narrowly avoided being put down after a generous couple, who have already rescued a number of abandoned dogs, agreed to adopt him.

Special friendship forms between three-legged cat and young girl

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Five-year-old Leah Parnitzke walked into Ten Lives Club Saturday morning excited to leave with her new best friend: "Nemo"... or as she calls him, "Goldfish".

xHamster donates water to Flint residents to further its philanthropic goals

Porn site XHamster has initiated yet another brand extension delivering 10,000 bottles of branded drinking water to the residents of Flint.

Orphaned monkey in China joins a herd of goats, and picks out a mother...

A baby monkey found abandoned in China’s eastern Jiangxi province has made a new family with a herd of goats on a farm.

France To Shut Down All Its Coal Power Plants By 2023

The tone at the UN’s annual climate change meeting – taking place this year in Marrakech in Morocco – appears to be one of defiance, both at Trump’s election and, it seems, at coal.

The magician saving children from the streets

In front of him, a CNN camera-man readjusts the light stand.