Cattle that escaped from St. Louis slaughterhouse are headed to animal sanctuary

"Chico" (center right) rests with five other steers in a barn in St. Louis County on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Men all over The Netherlands are holding hands in solidarity with a gay couple...

Men all over The Netherlands are holding hands in solidarity with a gay couple who were viciously attacked over the weekend.

With 3D Printing, It’s Love at First Touch for These Parents-To-Be

With the help of this doctor and ultrasound technology, this visually impaired family was able to ‘meet’ their son before he was born.

3D Printing Society create prosthetic hand for young girl @ Huddersfield Students’ Union

Following a shared news story on the Huddersfield Examiner about the success of their first design project, the society received a message from family man, Dave, who requested their support in creating a prosthetic hand for his granddaughter.

Couple married for 71 years die within four minutes of each other

An elderly couple who were married for 71 years have died just four minutes apart from each other.

French Government to promote gender equality in the tech ecosystem

The French Government announced a new initiative today in order to promote gender equality in the tech ecosystem in France with the help of 15 organizations.

Denver cat Harvey turns up in Texas 9 months after he went missing

In June, Harvey the cat of Denver went missing.

EU toughens up rules on imports of conflict minerals |

The European Union passed Monday fresh rules that make it more difficult for armed groups to finance their activities through the sale of so called conflict minerals.

Girl, 2, defends her choice of doll to cashier

She and her mother, Brandi Benner, visited a Target near their South Carolina home, where Sophia spent 20 minutes looking at all the dolls in the toy aisle.

India’s forest cover increasing, better than world average, says Union environment secretary – Times...

He pointed out that the country had 24% forest cover with 7 billion tonnes of carbon sink -- a natural reservoir that absorbs carbon and helps counter the effects of global warming.


Kristen’s Hemlock’s 5-year-old son Mason had gone for hiking with his two friends and babysitter on Wednesday in Cope Park, Alaska.

3-year-old girl sits with officer eating alone and asks for a play date –...

A three-year-old girl in Massachusetts made fast friends with a police officer after she saw him eating alone during his break and decided to join him and strike up a conversation.

Graphene sieve turns seawater into clean drinking water – and the technology can be...

Graphene has been used to turn seawater into clean drinking water.

Firefighters hoist dog out of 30-foot well in California

In this Sunday, April 2, 2017 photo provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, rescue workers help rescue a dog out of a well in the mountains outside of Malibu, Calif.

Spicer: Trump donating first-quarter salary to National Park Service

President Donald Trump is donating his salary from his first quarter in the White House to the National Park Service, press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday.

Exclusive: Doctors Perform Heart Surgery On Baby Still Inside Womb To Remove Tumor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is world-renowned for its fetal surgery in which an operation is performed on a baby still inside the womb.

Teens Credited with Helping Save Federal Judge

DUNMORE -- A federal judge from Lackawanna County is in fair condition in the hospital after being rescued from the woods

Divorced couple still takes a family portrait every year for their son

When children grow older and look back on their lives, they often turn to family portraits as the physical proof of their evolution and that of those they love.