4-Year-Old Has Best Reaction After Finding Out He’s Getting A New Heart After Waiting...

During his lifetime, one Massachusetts little boy has undergone three open heart surgeries.

Mich. teenager wins $500,000 lottery, will give most of winnings to his parents

Mich. teenager wins $500,000 lottery, will give most of winnings to his parents

Calgary man rallying for one million smiles opens free store in Rundle | Metro...

“That’s how TheSmileShop works,” the 23-year-old said with his trademark grin.

Rape victims will no longer face cross-examination in court

Rape victims will be spared the ordeal of giving evidence in court under reforms being brought forward by the Government.

Batman digs Montrealers out of snow in viral video

Batman has a bit of a sore back this weekend after shovelling cars out of the Montreal snow for several hours on Thursday.

Out Of Gas In Dublin, DJ Gets Hail Mary Lift From Derek Carr

DUBLIN, CA — A Bay Area DJ who ran out of gas in Dublin this week got a lift to a Tri-Valley gas station thanks to a very well-known good Samaritan.

‘Katrina Girl’ to Bring Air Force Vet Who Rescued Her During 2005 Hurricane to...

Usually, when military personnel are brought in to rescue civilians, the parties involved never see each other again.

Meals on Wheels America sees surge in donations after U.S. budget

The organization, which provides advocacy services for the national network, received about $50,000 on Thursday after the budget blueprint was announced, compared with $1,000 on a typical day.

Dog with half a face gets new home

SEWELL, N.J. - A New Jersey woman is providing a loving home to a dog that was mutilated by someone intent on eating it, according to WPVI - TV.

Greenfield community helping man with ALS who has spent life helping others

GREENFIELD, Ind. -- For most of his life, David Barkes has always been the guy that helps people.

Celebs, social media stars raise $1 million for Somalia

"This is the story of what can happen when the power of social media is leveraged for something good," Neistat explains in a YouTube video that documents the extraordinary sequence of events that led to the fund-raising juggernaut.

Apple Engineer Converts Used Van Into Mobile Laundromat, Offers Free Loads to Homeless

Ron Powers spends a few days and nights every week doing strangers’ laundry.

Milwaukee bus driver rescues boy wandering streets alone

A Milwaukee bus driver is being praised after she took in a lost 5-year-old boy wandering the streets by himself in the cold.

Meals on Wheels donations surge after White House proposes funding cuts

Meals on Wheels, a non-profit program that serves senior citizens around the U.S., has seen its online donations surge since President Trump’s administration released a budget proposal that could result in funding cuts for the organization.

Fundraiser, billboards set up for Greenfield ALS patient

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — People across Indiana are donating money to a Greenfield man with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Homeless man says ‘hipster’ makeover changed his life

A homeless man who was transformed into a ‘hipster’ with a stylish haircut has said the makeover changed his life.

The internet identified the Good Samaritan a week after the story about her generosity...

A woman is being praised for lending a generous helping hand to a dad in need when an airline agent denied his toddler daughter a free seat on the plane as he was checking in.

Student saves choking teacher

WALLA WALLA, Washington — A fast-thinking Walla Walla High School senior used her first-aid knowledge to save her choking teacher, according to a news release from Walla Walla Public Schools.