Bitty & Beau’s Coffee | It’s More Than A Cup Of Coffee

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee – it’s an experience.

Citizens take over NAMA-owned property and set up rooms for homeless people –

Rosie Leonard of the Irish Housing Network said; “As you know two people died on the 24 and the 25 of November, one in Dundalk and one in Dongeal.

Deep-Sea Ghost Shark Filmed Alive In Ocean For First Time

Dive deep deep down into the ocean, long past the point where the sun’s rays can penetrate, and you will enter the realm of the ghost sharks.

‘Muslim-owned’ restaurant making sure no one eats alone on Christmas day

Irfan Genc, 20, told  The Independent  that the idea was born out of an unexpected meeting with the elderly lady who turned up at the Shish Restaurant in Sidcup late one cold night.

WATCH: The Rock sends uplifting message to Irish fan (15) battling cancer –

Tommy Hanley, brother of former GAA and current Aussie Rules player Pearce Hanley, is a massive fan of The Rock and word of his illness reached the Hollywood star.

Woman With Down Syndrome Starts Successful Cookie Business After Job Rejections

Collette Divitto, a 26-year-old woman with Down syndrome, has been inspiring other people with developmental disabilities to follow their dreams after getting a taste of success by running her own cookie company in Boston.

Someone won the lottery and then anonymously donated the winning ticket to charity

Winning it big on the lottery is the dream for many people. 

5-year-old boy battling leukemia sweetly proposes to his favorite nurse

After Gideon Robinson found out that his favorite nurse wanted to get married, he went ahead and put a ring on it.

Putin, Abe agree on joint Russia-Japan activities on Kuril Islands

The two leaders dedicated 40 minutes from their three-hour talks in Abe’s ancestral hometown of Nagato, a mountainside resort in southwest Japan, on Thursday.

Antisense rescues babies from killer disease | Science

Spinal muscular atrophy, the leading inherited killer of children, has forced generations of parents to watch their kids become progressively weaker and, in severe cases, die by about their second birthdays. The recessively inherited disease inexorably destroys the motor neurons of the spinal cord and brain stem, hobbling muscle movement, including breathing.

Woman Adopts Shelter Cat, Then Goes Back For His 16-Year-Old Best Friend

A woman decided to adopt a senior cat from an animal shelter then came back for his old best friend who was waiting for his forever home.

Woman with Down syndrome runs her own successful cookie business after bakers refused to...

(Scroll down for video) A woman with Down syndrome became a successful business owner after being rejected for jobs as a baker.

Indian tycoon builds 90 homes for homeless to celebrate daughter’s wedding

Ajay Munot had Rs 70-80 lakh set aside for his daughter Shreya’s wedding, but decided to put the money to better use and help those who truly needed it.

An engaged couple used their wedding registry to help others

Kristin Klingshirn’s wedding registry is noticeably different from most.

Iraqi businessman erects tallest Christmas tree in Baghdad

BAGHDAD (AP) — A Muslim businessman has erected the tallest Christmas tree in Baghdad as a show of solidarity with Christians during the holiday season.

Aging Is Reversible–at Least in Human Cells and Live Mice

New research suggests it is possible to slow or even reverse aging, at least in mice, by undoing changes in gene activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of life in humans.

Rio Ferdinand donates £500,000 of toys to needy Manchester children

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Kid Cop: Boy Battling Rare Cancer Becomes Officer for a Day

A 3-year-old boy battling a unique form of cancer got his wish Wednesday to join the ranks of the Chicago Police Department.